DANIELLE WHELAN is currently working and living in Dublin City Centre as an Educator for Peter Mark.

Her journey as a Hair Stylist started 5 years ago in 'Style Club' South William Street after completing a Degree in Accounting and Finance in 'The Dublin Institute of Technology', DIT, Ireland.  Upon completing her degree, she knew she had to make a career and life change. She wanted to guarantee that she went to work everyday knowing she loved her job an immeasurable amount and that she was living out her passion and dream. However, this move did not come out of the blue. It was always an interest of hers growing up as she had worked part-time in Hairdressing since school and had forever been obsessed with all things fashion and hair. She knew one day she would come back to the industry she loved and admired. Having the opportunity to create beautiful hair everyday seemed like the most exciting challenge for her therefor helping her jump straight back into hairdressing after completing her studies.

Everyday for Danielle feels like a privilege, as not only does she have a career doing what she loves but she has the opportunity to constantly grow and evolve in a world with people and clients that inspire her everyday work life. Being a hair stylist allows her to always move forward and never stay still. It gives her the chance to combine her passion, creativity and profession all in one and to create the work that she is most proud of.